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Heart, Hands & Feet Reflexology & Energy Healing
in Bishops Stortford

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Energy Healing

Re-charging and rebalancing the energy centres of our bodies.

Energy healing can help with many conditions, people often seek help with;

  • Depression/Anxiety/Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Negative thinking patterns
  • Feeling exhausted
  • Health problems that persist

Energy healing is a holistic therapy which works on many different levels, the physical body, feelings and emotions, thoughts and beliefs. It combines well and enhances the positive effects of all other types of healthcare.


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Do you feel stressed, anxious depressed or just generally tired and unhappy? These symptoms of dis-ease are all too common. They indicate blocks in our energy field. Our life force, also known as vital energy, chi or prana. When it is running freely, through and around us we are healthy, vital and have a zest for life. As we go through our life our energy can become slower and get congested as a result of our fast-paced busy lives. When we are faced with difficult experiences that are too uncomfortable for us to accept and deal with at the time. We unconsciously stop the flow vital energy in our system in an attempt to protect ourselves from feeling the pain. These experiences may be long forgotten in our conscious memory but are held in our energy field and deplete our energy which can lead to both physical and mental/emotional illness.

Energy healing works towards identifying and releasing these blocks enabling the energy to move freely again. Techniques include,
Distance Healing, Hands on healing, balancing and clearing the energy centres (Chakras), dialogue. visualisation and relaxation exercises.

Sessions last approx. 55 mins for £45




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